Imagine Living In A Rotating House?

A couple in Canberra are doing just that. Their four bedroom two bathroom home can do a complete rotation in only 10 minutes to capture the best of the sunlight, wind or connections with the outdoor spaces. What a talking piece! Not only that but very surprisingly it only uses minimal energy to turn this 56-tonne house – just the same amount of energy to run a light globe. In addition to this cool feature, the house is 6 star energy rated with 24 solar panels and a 120,000L water tank reducing their bills and reliance on the grid to almost nil.

It’s exciting to see innovative players within the industry and clients who are willing to give them a go. Think of the possibilities with technology like this! We would love to be involved in a project like this – would you give it a go? Have a look here for more information:

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Electric…. Cars, Planes, Buses, Motorbikes, Airplanes

Keep your eyes open for new happenings in the electric vehicle arena! As society is looking at alternative solutions to resource and environmental problems one area that is booming with innovation lately is electric vehicles.

Here are a few things you may not be aware of:

• Australia has recently seen two new electric vehicles introduced, called the ‘Zoe’ and ‘Kangoo’

• Electric vehicle charging stations are being introduced in shopping centre carparks on the east coast of Australia.

• Electric buses’ popularity is skyrocketing in areas around the world, especially in China, Paris, & San Francisco to name a few places.

• Even electric motorbikes exist

• They have even developed, would you believe it, an electric airplane

• ‘Vehicle-to-grid’ charging is being developed

With these options becoming more viable, and the general public becoming more aware of how vehicle emission pollution adds billions to Australia’s health service bill each year – it is an exciting future ahead! For more information have a look here:

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