Prefab Buildings: Efficient yet Beautiful

Small prefab homes are gaining traction through the design world and are busting preconceptions on what is possible. Choosing prefab as a construction method for your project brings with it a completely new set of challenges and opportunities. Some of the benefits stem from the building being constructed in a controlled warehouse environment; this means that the quality of the build is higher and more controlled, there is reduced wastage of materials, the build process is quicker as all materials and equipment are already ‘on site’ in the warehouse and the building timeline is not impacted by inclement weather.


Here are two videos of breathtaking prefab buildings, including raised bed nooks set under windows allowing star gazing, fireplaces and daybeds, living rooms that open up to verandahs and beautiful views, skylights, modern finishes and more:


We have designed and built prefab projects and are amazed with the quick progress and efficiency of this construction method. This is definitely something to consider when thinking of a new build or extension project. Have a look at the process of one of our prefab homes here:

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Wembley Residence Timelapse - Site Works

This timelapse captures the site works that occurred at the beginning of the project, including the demolition of existing buildings and preparation of the earth. Stay tuned for the next timelapse on the laying of the foundations….

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Free Radiative or Sky Cooling – Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

A scientist in optics and material science has developed an inventive solution to our reliance on electricity dependent cooling systems. His team has developed artificial materials that do not absorb sunlight whilst simultaneously emitting thermal radiation back into the atmosphere, effectively allowing the material to passively stay cooler than the surrounding air temperature. This essentially makes electricity-run-cooling redundant and when 17% of the electricity used around the world is for cooling and makes up 10% of greenhouse gas emissions – can you imagine how much this development could significantly reduce the energy needed by our cooling systems?

They are currently trialling panels that cool water in California and hope to install this technology as a component of existing cooling systems around the world.

Have a read about his proposal here and let us know what you think:


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